It was the Spring of 1985 , I had a very bad experience with one of my Humane Society dogs- and varying results with the strays I had picked up over the years.

A friend of mine realized I needed to get a dog I could rely on - so, she asked me to fill a questionnaire- well, up popped a soft coated wheaten terrier- who I knew nothing about!

I was immediately interested and almost sight unseen decided to purchase my pet wheaten. It was a hot July day when I got Shawnie- who I was told was a pet wheaten.

I was encouraged to take Shawnie to obedience class- the astute instructors
realized he was registered and trained Shawnie and I as if we were going into something called obedience training. Well, Shawnie performed so well, we continued . In our 1st obedience trial - a woman came up to me and said - why is that dog in obedience ring - he should be in the conformation ring! Well, to make a long story short- Shawnie took only 4 months to become a two titled wheaten- I was hooked!

I worked Shawnie in obedience , agility , scent hurdling where he excelled with a final total of 5 titles. But my heart pulled Shawnie and I towards giving back to the community. So, we were off to schools, hospitals, Christmas parties and nursing homes- I likely would have been content for some years to have just Shawnie but the show bug got me- My second wheaten was Shane- and he just won, and won and won- in the conformation ring- and then came Shannon- no sense in having a wonderful show male without a girlfriend> - That was the start of my breeding program- but my love of
taking all of my dogs to community events is my 1st love and theirs!Many of Myshawns Wheatens have done pet therapy at hospitals , nursing homes etc. And all that are raised in my home make some of their 1st outings to
community events- kind of a coming out party for my puppies ! We continue to make children smile when sick , and adults laugh when there is nobody else for them to hug and love!

As long as we are able - Myshawns wheatens will be there for those who need
love and attention to enrich their lives!


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